Scholarship Recommendation Form

This form is used to submit all recommendation materials for The Vietnamese American Scholarship Foundation. You may upload a recommendation letter for one of this year's applicants or you may fill out the recommendation form provided. Please note that you will not have an opportunity to edit this form once you have submitted it.

All fields marked with an '*' are required.

1: Identifying Information Applicant's Name:

Applicant's High School: *

Recommender's Name:

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2: Letter of Recommendation

You may use this portion of the recommendation form to upload a letter of recommendation that you have already written. If you have not pre-written a letter of recommendation, please fill out section 3.

3: Form Questions

The following are a few suggested questions to answer when filling out your recommendation. Recommenders may use this part of form in place of a letter of recommendation or in addition to a letter of recommendation.

Question 1: How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?

Question 2: Describe a situation in which you observed the applicant in a community service setting. How would you characterize the applicant’s enthusiasm and motivation for community service?

Question 3: Using examples if possible, characterize the applicant’s drive for academic excellence and passion for learning.

Question 4: Please share any additional thoughts you have that might further highlight why this applicant is deserving of a Vietnamese American Scholarship Foundation Scholarship.