VASF Cultural Bridges Fellowship Application

A complete Cultural Bridges Fellowship application will include the following components:

Applicant Information

Personal Statement
The personal statement questions are your opportunity to express why you are interested in this fellowship experience. The selection committee is interested in both your personal and academic reasons for applying to this program. Please ensure that you are thorough and specific in your responses to the questions. Respond to each question separately; each response should be approximately one paragraph (4 to 5 complete sentences) in length.

Ask a faculty member or someone familiar with your community service involvement to provide a recommendation. Brief your recommender with detailed information about the Cultural Bridges Fellowship and your motivations for applying so they can address these points in their recommendation.

Executive Summary
A one-paragraph statement of the proposed focus of the fellowship experience. (consider a written "elevator pitch" from which any stranger could understand your project goals and plans).

Project Description and Action Plan
A one or two-paragraph to each of the following:

Please submit an unofficial transcript along with your application.