Truong Xuan Scholarship Fund

On the afternoon of April 30, 1975, nearly 4,000 aboard Truong Xuan fled their beloved homeland, Viet Nam. These 4,000 people left in search of opportunities, freedom, and a quality of life no longer available at home. Their time spent aboard Truong Xuan was bleak and trying at times, but the passengers held on dearly to the only thing they had left -- HOPE.

Today, these 4,000 passengers along with their families are scattered about the globe. They are leading successful lives and are contributing members of their new communities. Though the passengers of Truong Xuan are separated by distance and many have not met each other's acquaintances, they are all connected through this shared experience aboard Truong Xuan's last voyage. Many generations to come will learn of Truong Xuan's story and will be touched and inspired by the courage and hope that prevailed during the trying journey.

This scholarship fund has been established to honor the brave passengers of Truong Xuan and to serve as a reminder to future generations of the sacrafices that have made their current life possible.

Scholarship Information

The primary goals of the Truong Xuan scholarship fund are to:

  • Encourage higher education
  • Promote future leaders
  • Reward community and civic responsibility

The Truong Xuan scholarship is available to all descendants of Truong Xuan passengers seeking higher education.